Julies Words And Music

Oh Mister Sun, turn out your light
    There's a star I need to ride tonight...

Hi, my name is Julie Ferris. I live in a small town in Northern Michigan. Our winters are long and blustery so it gives me lots of time to stay inside and do what I love to do.....write.

I'm a published poet, I've written news letters for local organizations, done leaflets of children's poetry and sold a few greeting card verses. But my real passion is, of course, songwriting. I'm a member of The Nashville Songwriters Association International and affiliated with BMI. Below you will find a few songs I've co-written with some very talented and dedicated people.

If you're looking for a strong country sound for an upcoming project, give them a listen. If you'd like more information about the songs or the writers, click on the e-mail button and I'll get back to you immediately. The songs are in Real Audio format. If you need to download the plug-in, click here.....It's free!

All songs are copyrighted and the legal business is in order. (Bet you already knew that.) So get comfortable and find yourself a hit!

The Other Woman---Clay/Ferris

My Broken Heart is Like a Neon Sign -- Clay/Ferris

One In A Million -- Clay/Ferris

You Been Bad Baby Bad -- Clay/Ferris

It's Frosty By The Fire -- Clay/Ferris

The Pirate I Am -- Clay/Ferris

The Touch of Her Man -- Clay/Ferris

Heaven Hill -- Clay/Ferris

March 1865--Clay/Ferris

Call Me Baby One More Time -- Clay/Ferris

Daddy's Prayer -- Clay/Ferris

Got Me the Blues -- Clay/Ferris

The Savior Elijah Craig -- Clay/Ferris

All This Man -- Hofer/Ferris

Ain't A Kid Anymore -- Hofer/Ferris

Dead End Road -- Hofer/Ferris

Just Between the Strings -- Hofer/Ferris

Calm Before The Storm -- Hofer/Ferris

Rodeo Clown -- Hofer/Ferris

Cold Dakota Night -- Hofer/Ferris/Salaets

Always Yours -- Hofer

On The Corner -- Hofer

Forever Stay --Hofer

The Voyage -- Hofer

Bitter Tears --Hofer

Lexie In The Morning Instrumental Mp3-- Hofer

Toe Tappin Boogie Instrumental Mp3-- Hofer

WhirlWind Instrumental Mp3 -- Hofer


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